Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Out Of Context

He could have said it was Hannitized.

Hillary Clinton would "probably get shot" if she entered the state as a presidential candidate.

Not really sure how you put something like that into a context where it would not come off as assholish. 

"It certainly was not meant in a threatening or hostile way at all. It was just a comment. Perhaps I used the wrong word."

Oh, that explains it. It's lucky Johnny (?) Rhoda isn't a district party chair or anything. He is? Please keep these crazies below the Mason-Dixon. He could always join Blackwater to get his fill of killing innocent people. Allegedly.

One of the guards is accused of first-degree murder, while the others face charges of voluntary manslaughter. They deny all charges.

Prosecutors say the Blackwater guards harboured deep hostility toward Iraqis and boasted of indiscriminate firing of their weapons.

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