Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trump For Governor

No, not really. Not for me anyway. God knows, I'd like to see him on the ballot, though. Apparently, there are Republicans in our fair state who are enamored of him.

For many in the crowd, the well-known Trump represents the Republicans' best chance at defeating Cuomo.

I'm too lazy to look through the internet and find any indication of how he polls with the hoi polloi like myself. Couldn't help myself. Not doing so well. Ironically, he reminds me of Andrew's father's famous rendition of Hamlet. Except, of course, while there may have been an element of self-promotion in Mario's dithering, Trump's is 100%.

I'm pretty sure the GOP of NY is not about to take advice from me, but I would politely tell The Donald to go away. Since that isn't likely to penetrate His Ego, I would ask to see financial statements proving He is actually a billionaire before His name will again be floated publicly again as a serious candidate for any office. Just a modest proposal.

Trump was greeted outside the restaurant by a couple of dozen opponents of the law, including Tommy Thompson, of Attica, who wore a Revolutionary War-style tri-cornered hat.

"I'd vote for Goofy if he ran against Cuomo," Thompson said.

Yes Tommy, you would. But will a more independent voter? Donald, we want to see your birth certificate financial statements.That's all you gotta ask him and he'll go away. Or maybe make him say his name backwards.  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Freedom of Speech in Kansas

I'm so glad I don't use Twitter or much other social media. I'm considering a waiting period on blog posts for myself. Some cooling off time. If I lived in Kansas and was an educator I would make that an iron-clad rule.

In December the (Kansas Board of Regents) approved a policy that gives any state university’s CEO “the authority to suspend, dismiss or terminate from employment any faculty or staff member who makes improper use of social media.”
“Social media” is defined in the policy as just about anything that involves electrons, from Twitter to Flickr, including, presumably, email.
“Improper use” includes the incitement of violence and the disclosure of confidential student information. Fair enough.
But “improper use” also includes more-vague offenses, such as use of social media that is “ contrary to the best interests of the university,” or that impairs “discipline by superiors or harmony among co-workers,” or that “adversely affects the university’s ability to efficiently provide services.”

Hope for some people's sakes this doesn't catch on in blue states.

Thus the language of the proposed policy twice mentions “efficiency,” which in factories means balancing the cost of production with the saleability of the product.

Well, you say it's to improve efficiency. No ulterior motives. Alright, then.

I didn't even know colleges had CEOs.

SPECIAL ALERT: All you moonbats out there donating your hard-earned dollars to Democrats, take a good look at who you're sending it to.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched a series of websites that look like they support a Democratic candidate for Congress, but instead direct contributions to the Republican Party instead.

Monday, February 3, 2014

America The Beautiful vs Some Ugly Americans

(Watch the behind the scenes videos, too. To steal from the title, America, the beautiful.)

But sadly, not everyone thinks so:
Coca Cola ad on Super Bowl -- American's brand? Hm. | Allen B. West - AllenBWest.com (Allen West's post also got a memeorandum thread.)

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Of course, these people are obviously not conservatives or Republicans (or have ever met or even stood next to anyone who was), and they are obviously not, NOT, NOT saying anything bigoted or xenophobic... Just ask this guy:

These conservatives are not the bigots you're looking for. Really. Trust them.

UPDATE: And now Charles C. W. Cooke's tweet doesn't exist either. A hallucination. Like it never ever happened.)
If you're seeing a photo of Cooke's deleted tweet, you're hallucinating.


Public Shaming - Speak English!: Racist Revolt As Coca-Cola Airs Multilingual ‘America the Beautiful’ SuperBowl Ad

So... I know which ad I'm voting for in the Ad Blitz. No pressure...but please think about it.

Also talking about it... (Good chance this list'll be updated as more people post):
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And sorta lost in the "'merka for monolingual 'merkins" kerfuffle: Watch now: Coca-Cola unveils gay-inclusive ad during Super Bowl XLVIII | GLAAD

In the spirit, I thought I'd end with this:
(I recall this controversy, too... It's like it's not patriotism unless it's their patriotism.)

Beautiful. Just beautiful.