Saturday, February 11, 2012

I Think Maybe Breitbart Was Saying "Stop RAPPING, People!!!"

You know, there's entirely too much of this in the world. Maybe that's what caused disgraced conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart to freak out:

The "rap" that probably set DCBAB off:

The "studio" version is almost as embarrassing:

To the list of items which are always excellent ideas… ...add conservative rapping - Lawyers, Guns & Money

How about some Young Cons:



And the progressive rapper response to the Wolverines, by Satellite High (The best of the bunch...):


Is this where it all started? Tea Partay, Baybay:

And of course, the James O'Keefe, wingnut mac daddy theme song:


It's no wonder the crazy fuck was roaming around outside yelling "NO RAPPING, PEOPLE!!!"
Seeing the video(s), it all makes sense...

Also waxing poetic:
Sadly, No! - A Steaming Pile of Cracker Rap

Disgraced Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart Loses Control - Campus Progress

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Blogger Andrew Breitbart to Occupiers: ‘Stop Raping People!’ - Campus Progress:
Disgraced "Conservative blogger-star Andrew Breitbart lashed out at Occupy protesters outside of CPAC, the mass annual gathering of conservatives, in Washington, DC on Friday night. Campus Progress reporter Emily Crockett was on the scene and captured video of Breitbart losing it, screaming at the protesters 'Behave yourselves!' and 'Stop raping people!'"

Follow the link to read the rest of her account.

I don't know about you, but all this video shows me is some nut lurking behind a bush who comes out screaming insanely at a bunch of kids and daring them to take a swing at his protruding chin, until he's dragged away by the police, still screaming wildly and hoping to provoke somethin'. (And right there at the end, his body posture almost looks like he's been placed in a straight jacket, adding to the overall "crazy man" effect.)

I'm sure this video makes him a hero to the CPACers inside, but out here in the real world, disgraced conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart just comes off like he's lost control of his faculties...

YMMV, but I think the crazy old boy ought to... what's the phrase?... "beHAAAAAVE himself," in future... (and stop raping the truth, while he's at it.)

And if you want to see something REALLY SCARY, click here. INSANE.

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(I'd h/t, but I can't recall who I follow that RT: @emilycrockett's tweet, last night...)

A second view, and more inane ramblings to conspiracy site WorldNetDaily, once he was successfully dragged away, still screaming...

Have Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller ever met a currently practicing Muslim that meets their "all American" standards?

It seems like every practicing Muslim they talk about, even those born and bred here in America, is either an honor killer or has ties to terrorism... The only good Muslim is one who converted... or one who is dead.

You want to oppose extremists and terrorists?

But a Bush administration official who's Muslim?

Mosques and prayer spaces for Muslims serving in the United States Military, including inside the Pentagon?

These two and their followers are bigots of the worst kind.

More info:
Rachel Maddow deconstructs "Ground Zero Mosque" hate festival Pt 1 - YouTube
Rachel Maddow deconstructs "Ground Zero Mosque" hate-festival Pt 2 - YouTube

Supposedly, there is a longer video of the full "conversation" between Spencer and Khan before Geller shows up (about 10 minutes). I'll add it when I see it's available...

UPDATE: The longer video, at just over 6 minutes (& oddly letterboxed, for some reason...):

It makes 'em all look kinda petty, if ya ask me... Lotta smoke, but virtually no flame. Hopefully if they ever do debate, they all find their way out of the third grade mentality, first.

That said, it doesn't acquit either Spencer or Geller on the bigotry of accusing virtually every Muslim they've ever spoken about of "ties to terrorism." I can't say for certain that they're wrong about Khan, in particular... ...though the guy was vetted by our government, under a Republican president. But that, and the fact that they seem to charge a whole lotta other Muslim Americans of the same sort of "ties," (or alternatively, support for, if not actual, honor killing) makes the charges kinda suspect... (It's almost as though they think Muslim Americans have divided loyalties... ...which is generally supposed to be some anti-Semitic attack on Jews...)

I can't vouch for the accuracy (any more than I can vouch for the accuracy of what Spencer/Geller have to say), but this is the allegation: Robert Spencer used to be a Communist | Spencer Watch

Friday, February 10, 2012

Simple Truth

wengler, in a comment at Lawyers, Guns and Money:
Republicans, circa 1960: ‘He’s going to be following orders from the pope!’

Republicans, circa 2012: ‘He’s not following orders from the pope!’