Wednesday, September 24, 2014

With Public Financing of Campaigns I'd Be Looking Forward to Governor Teachout

My longest post title ever. Teachout didn't spend $14 per vote, needless to say.

They were never worried about their Democratic Party primary challengers earlier this month, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and his running mate, Erie County’s Kathy Hochul, insisted over and over again.

Worries aside, Cuomo and Hochul spent about $5.9 million in the final couple of weeks and days immediately following their recent closer-than-expected Democratic primary contests.

Can't bring myself to vote for King Andrew. Gonna have to be Green Party (who are loons) or a
Zephyr write-in.

The loons link is to the Green running in my district. It sucks that I can't link to Funiciello's interview with The Chronicle, a weekly in Glens Falls. Gonna put up a post with choice tidbits soon, though, and just transcribe.  

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