Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Video from the Fire Dave rally

I thought I was done with this story, but the woman in yellow so offended me with her ugly, vicious mind, I couldn't let it pass unchallenged... A person like that ought not to be seen or heard in public (& I really hope that wherever she works, she isn't.)...


Among the more alarming lines of attack -- particularly given that the rally was held because Letterman supposedly made a joke about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter Willow -- was that Letterman's son Harry was born out of wedlock (he recently wed Regina Lasko after dating for over a decade).

"Should we talk about his son?" one protester asked Green. "I believe his son was born out of wedlock. I believe there's a term for that."

"Is someone making jokes about his child?" asked another. "Especially, you know, when he had a daughter out of wedlock himself" (he didn't; 5-year-old Harry is his only child).

"How dare he?" asked yet a third, the most offensive of all. "When he has a bastard son, and a slut for a wife" (Letterman's wife Lasko has kept a notoriously low profile).

It should be noted that Sarah Palin's teenage daughter Bristol gave birth to baby Tripp (out-of-wedlock) in December and broke up with the baby's father, Levi Johnston, in March.
-- "Fire David Letterman" Protest Becomes Hatefest, Draws More Media Than Protesters


Kevin Robbins said...

Very nice, Repsac. Can't these people just take a deep breath and count to ten?

Anonymous said...

If you are going to make a comment trying to defend Palin don't you think they would have got the facts straight first?

In all fairness they have the right to protest what David said just as much as David had the right to say it.

I grow more and more frustrated with the liberals did this and the conservatives did this.....sometimes I swear I am the only one (besides you) that does not see things buy what political side you are on. Yes, my feelings tend to lean right, while yours tend to lean left, but seriously it does nothing but divide us when all we see are political labels.

For instance I hear those on the right saying he only said that because Palin is a conservative and then I've heard people from the left picking up for him because he said it about someone on the right. gets tiring! One of my all time favorite post of your is the one regarding labels because it is SO true!!

repsac3 said...

I'll grant you the right to for them to protest, but I hope you won't mind if I reserve seeing any wisdom or intelligence in their doing so.

I think that, given the fact that the principle players--Letterman, Palin, (& one can assume, the kids)--have made their peace on the issue, it's a little silly for the protesters to be there, but my beef is with their behavior, not their presence or their right.

Based on some of the things they say in that video, I also question how much of this is about the virtue of Palin or the kids, and how much is about partisanship, but I leave each person to make up their own minds on that.

From the stupid jokes Letteman told, to the people protesting what he said, to my broadcasting my offense at what the protesters said, to the blogger who may be out there about to write a piece bitching about what I say about the protesters... It's all speech, and we all have the right to use it.

I'd love to take as much credit as you're offering, but I know that even I see (& often react to) things through that partisan lens, at least at first. (You'd have a very different opinion of me if you sat in my living room hearing my outbursts while I watched the news, for instance. [Yeah, I'm one of those idiots who yells at the people on his TV, as though they're actually listening. It's obvious that most of 'em never listen to ANYONE except their own melodious voices--& perhaps, the ones in their heads--or this country wouldn't be where it is today.]) To the extent that I am fair, it's because I consciously check myself for those reflexive biases... ...and even then, some get through.

Individuals can choose how they behave, as well as how they react to the behavior of others... ...even if they are stupid liberals/conservatives. 8>)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I don't see anything wise or intelligent about them either.

What's that quote...."Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt"?

Then again that could be used for Letterman too. For every person upset because of the crudeness of the comment, there are 5 that are using it as political weapons. It does grow quite tedious.

I hear you regarding the bi-partisan bit. I'm guilty of that myself, but when I write I try and avoid the labels and name calling. I'm glad that I am not in your house too!! I'll stick to what you write, when the calmer side of you comes out! :-)