Tuesday, July 3, 2007

E-mail to Mr. Bush

I'm very disappointed that the President chose to substitute his judgment for that of our American legal system a scant 5 hours after inmate number 28301-016 (Mr. Libby) lost his appeal to stay out of jail pending appeal.

It was my understanding that Mr. Bush was not commenting on ongoing legal cases such as inmate number 28301-016's, but by commuting his sentence (and having that spiffy legal defense fund to pay the fine), the convict is essentially getting away without punishment for the crimes for which he was convicted.

Because inmate number 28301-016 so recently worked for the White House, it is a pretty obvious conflict of interest. (In a similar situation, both President Nixon & President Ford declined to pardon or commute the sentences of their former employees.)

Now that the White House has seen fit to comment on this case, I hope President Bush and the rest of his cabinet (& Mr. Cheney, as well) will explain why Mr. Rove is still working for the White House, despite being one of the leakers, by his own admission in court in Mr. Libby's case.

Thank you for your time.

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