Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ask yourself why: Conservatives more likely to attribute the acts of individual blacks to " hip-hop thug culture"

Mike's America: Ask Yourself Why: More Black Men in Prison than College

First off, are there really more black men in prison than college? Unfortunately yes... ...but the reasons are open to interpretation, and a plausable argument can be made that the increased spending on prisons & decreased spending on education during the Reagan years (and since) are at least as much to blame for this unfortunate statistic as "hip hop culture."

"...after two decades of harsh criminal justice policies, there are more black men in jail or prison than in college. At the end of 2000, 791,600 black men were behind bars and 603,032 were enrolled in colleges or universities. By contrast, in 1980 -- before the prison boom -- black men in college outnumbered black men behind bars by a ratio of more than 3 to 1, the study found.

The report, "Cellblocks or Classrooms? The Funding of Higher Education and Corrections and Its Impact on African American Men," also found that spending on education has suffered as a result of the imprisonment binge. Between 1985 and 2000, the increase in state spending on corrections was nearly double that of the increase to higher education ($20 billion versus $10.7 billion), and the total increase in spending on higher education by states was 24%, compared with 166% for corrections."
More Black Men in Prison Than College, Study Finds

Mike sez: "Next time you hear some Democrat or Civil Rights Leader (same thing really) complain about the number of black men in prison ask yourself why they are there.

Here's a story which illuminates the problem:"

Unfortunately, the story Mike quotes, Indictment: Michael Vick Hanged, Drowned, Slammed Weak Dogs to Ground - Sports Blog - The FanHouse, says nothing about why there are more black men in prison than college. It doesn't refer to Michael Vick's race, at all. It reports the crimes for which Mr Vick and two other men were indicted. Why does Mike believe this is a story about race?

Mike continues: "Michael Vick is a man who had it made. As quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons he was a star and highly paid at that. But money and fame weren't enough to overcome the hip-hop thug culture which is destroying so many black males."

No evidence girding this assertion that "hip hop thug culture" plays any part in this story, either by Mike himself or the story he quotes. Nevertheless, it is this thug culture that makes Mr. Vick viciously mistreat animals, says Mike. And as always, his readers are supposed to believe him just because... ...well, he's Mike Miller, after all. He once worked for Reagan.

"So next time some "civil rights" leader complains about the number of black men in prison, I hope someone asks them what they are doing to counter the culture of violence and criminality that creates these monsters. And ask them how much money they have taken in "contributions" from these same monsters."

There you have it folks... Michael Vick is a perfect example of how "civil rights" leaders and the left are to blame for animal cruelty. Of course.

Mike Miller should be ashamed. (But he never is...)

And lest you think Mike Miller is the only one tying animal cruelty to race:

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Toad734 said...

Wow, when presented like that hes even dumber than I originally thought.
Mike still has yet to answer what he as a white man is doing to combat child molestors, serial killers and crooked CEOs, crimes that are typically committed by white people.

Mike's America said...

If anyone should be ashamed it's the enablers like you who refuse to see the culture of violence and degradation tearing the black community apart while you make excuses and do all you can to keep them on the Democrat plantation.

"are there really more black men in prison than college? Unfortunately yes" And that sad situation is likely to grow worse as long as you continue to exploit the problem for your own political gain.

I know that won't make any sense to you, but I doubt much does.

repsac3 said...

As frequently happens when Mike speaks, one is left to wonder why he makes these assertions without evidence.

How have I enabled this culture of violence & degradation, Mike speaks of?

Can anyone find where I made any excuse for Michael Vick or any other accused criminal, black or white?

Why would I want blacks to vote for Democrats, when I don't vote for Democrats myself?

Mike accuses me of exploitation for political gain...

But which one of us brought up these allegations against Michael Vick, and tied them to a political party and a particular race and/or culture?

Chances are slim Mike will ever answer... ...but the questions'll be here waiting for him, just in case...

repsac3 said...

Went back over to Mike's blog... ...where he's somehow morphed this debate away from his lack of evidence that animal cruelty is the fault of rap music & liberals, and is now debating John Kerry & whether or not any of those lying swifties actually witnessed anything they claimed to know so much about. (That man do know how to change a subject & shift them goalposts...)

Though Mike did establish that one of 'em (Steve Gardner) was actually on the same boat as Kerry for a few months, none of the guys who were telling these swifties--not even Gardner--were there with Kerry for any of the fights that lead to Kerry's medals or Purple Hearts... ...which didn't stop 'em from claiming Kerry didn't desrve the medals, and that his wounds were "just scratches," anyway...

Those lying swifties made "swift boat vet" a perjorative term, and diminished the honor of every man who served on one in Vietnam. And everytime a partisan hack like Mike repeats their lies, more damage gets done to legitimate Swift boat sailors past & present.