Thursday, July 26, 2007 - CNN Political Ticker Protester removed from Fred Thompson event - CNN Political Ticker Protester removed from Fred Thompson event

Bryan's comment (July 25, 2007 5:11 pm) says most of what I was thinkin', but seeing as how many commenters have repeated the bit about her being a kook, I've no problem repeating a more balanced view.

Anyone who bothers to watch the video the woman herself shot (this CNN video does not tell the whole story) will see that this woman was acting like every other person there... that is, UNTIL the police/tsa layed hands on her, for reasons that no one has yet explained...

If she had been screaming like that the whole time, I would agree that she deserved to be removed. But she wasn't. Her screaming began BECAUSE she was being removed.

When the police start "removing" people at a candidate's bidding, so that s/he can avoid a tough question or manage a photo op (as when team Bush allows Pro-Bush signs and t-shirts to line a road, but anti-Bush signs and shirts are penned up in "free speech zones"), there is something very wrong. The police are supposed to work for the public, not the powerful.

I'm not endorsing any of her views--I'm not for Ron Paul, and I don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job or that Building 7 was blown up from within, though I do agree that Fred Thompson is not a real conservative and that the North American Union is a really bad idea--but I am endorsing the idea that the people have the right to respectfully (& sometimes disrespectfully) confront the people who are or want to be our elected representitives. Having the authorities remove those folks who don't tow a candidate's (or elected representitive's) party line goes against the American values I was taught.

I hope that the police step up and explain why this woman was removed from this impromptu press conference, and who ordered it.

Here is the woman's blog account: Houston 9|11 Truth Confronts Fred Thompson and Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas

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