Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tactics of the right-wing noise machine - Glenn Greenwald -

Tactics of the right-wing noise machine - Glenn Greenwald -

Choice quote:

While Democrats are constantly forced by manufactured controversies generated by the right-wing noise machine and their media allies to "repudiate" and "renounce" a never ending carousel of "extremists" ranging from the moderate to the irrelevant (Michael Moore, MoveOn, Louis Farrakhan, Ward Churchill, etc. etc.), the GOP establishment for years has tied itself at the hip to hate-mongering extremists along the lines of John Hagee, Rod Parsley, Pat Roberston, Ann Coulter, and all sorts of various Instapunks, with no repercussions or accountability whatsoever.


Donald Douglas said...

Spin it however you like, but here's your quote:

"They say the environmental movement remains strong - building on the work of grass roots activists, or supporting mainstream advocates such as former Vice President Al Gore, or going deeper underground to avoid the fate of the 10 activists brought to justice in Eugene. “The environmental problems on the planet aren't getting any better, they're getting worse,” said Jim Flynn, former editor of the Earth First! Journal and a veteran of protests in Eugene. 'People will do what it takes to either try and stop environmental degradation, or draw attention to it.'"

There must be no "there there" upstairs over here, Repsac. I linked, and now you're calling me a liar.

I've imposed a one-post/comment rule on you. You're spamming my blog, and people are complaining. Leave a comment, and if it's not ad hominem, I'll respond. Quit badgering me. I'm an honest blogger, unlike Dr. Biobrain.

Greenwald's way over there, Repsac3, by the way.

Now, you'd think you'd be proud of your radicalism. I'm a neocon and proud of it. I don't hide in ideological confusion or obfuscation. When's Baradat getting there? You need it.

P.S.: Gore is a superdelegate, which signifies him as a Democratic party official.

From the New York Times, "Democrats Look for Way to Avoid Convention Rift," February 16, 2008:

"Former Vice President Al Gore and a number of other senior Democrats plan to remain neutral for now in the presidential race in part to keep open the option to broker a peaceful resolution to what they fear could be a bitterly divided convention, party officials and aides said Friday.

Democratic Party officials said that in the past week Mr. Gore and other leading Democrats had held private talks as worry mounted that the close race between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton could be decided by a group of 795 party insiders known as superdelegates."

Trying to disprove everything I write's going to be futile, Repsac. I won't put something up unless I can document it.

My post is updated, and remember, one comment per post for you, until I respond.

repsac3 said...

Why can Nero not get it right???

Wrong topic, again... ...except for one line.

Yeah, Greenwald may be out there, but that doesn't mean he's wrong...