Thursday, July 17, 2014

Great! But Where Was the Use of Less for Fewer?

It may have been in here and I just missed it. There are many on the internet who make use of some of the examples in this video. Moi, aussi. Weird Al, making schooling fun:

Those on the Right are more apt to enjoy this one, though.

UPDATE: Oops, watched again and less for fewer was in it. It had to be.

And since that was all courtesy of the folks at Salon, might as well rip 'em off for another great post.

In 2012, I shunned my self-destructive voting habits and supported Obama. I only wished there were a major party more liberal than the Democrats for whom I could vote.

Sing it, Brother! Now, I know you want to go and read the whole post from a former supporter of the Republican Party had a Paul on the road to Damascus experience and left the party of the insane. 

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