Thursday, November 6, 2008

Yes Nero, you're crazy.

Nero @ American Power sez:

"Reparations for Iraqis?

I've been writing about this all year, and radical lefties have called me crazy."

As I am the "radical leftie" you cite--& on behalf of all my "radical leftie," peeps--yes Nero, you are crazy.

We are already giving reparations to Iraqis, by rebuilding that which we (& they, & in many cases those others we invited in) broke. Every rebuilt school, house, or road is reparation paid to the Iraqi people. Most of the time, folks on your side point to these things as proof of our success in that country. Do you disagree?

Personally, I think we owe it to them, though I also question why they have a surplus while we have a deficit, and think their government ought to pay some reparations to the Iraqi people, as well.

Thanks for the link, though...

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