Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fox Has Done Its Job

Their work is complete. The nation now has become majority wingnut.

Just over a week after U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was freed by the Taliban, a CBS News Poll shows 45 percent of Americans disapprove of the deal that saw him released in exchange for five Taliban militants, while 37 percent approve of it. 

The good news, if you can call it that:

(J)ust over half of Democrats approve.


My dream is that Obama went on TV and said, American People, I've decided, since this Bergdahl guy is a deserter and all, to leave his ass in Afghanistan. Let the Taliban punish him. That is what the Right in this country want now. Right? So, do you suppose Right Wing Media would be praising him up and down for that decision? Noooo. But, meanwhile he has already obtained Bergdahl's release. He waits for the outrage over that and walks out with his arm around Bergdahl and says, "pwned." Yes, it is nice in my dream-world.

Bergdahl had some shitty luck there. Besides being a POW for 5 years, I mean. If he'd been released with Bush as prez, he'd be getting ticker-tape parades, at least in his hometown, right now. As it is, I guess they've canceled any celebrations there because of right-wing nuts.

There are people in this country who live to be outraged. That's what the guy and woman in the Las Vegas shooting were. The most recent one that is. I hope. I gotta go back to my dreamworld now because I'm channeling Jim now.

Thank you Tbogg for this link and hallowed be your name.

On Thursday, a man at the store in Brighton, Mich., reached for his wallet and accidentally grabbed his gun, according to the Daily Press and Argus. The .40-caliber Glock went off, and the 32-year-old ended up shooting himself in the rear end. 

And there are two more cases at the link because who hasn't shot himself in the ass a time or two?

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Robert What? said...

I do not fault Bergdahl for getting dissolutioned and wanting out. I was against the Iraq war from the very beginning. What I do fault him for is walking away from his post while on duty, thus potentially putting his comrades in harm's way. That appears to be how it went down. He could just as easily have split when he was not on duty. Maybe he's not a villain, but he is certainly no hero.