Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trump For Governor

No, not really. Not for me anyway. God knows, I'd like to see him on the ballot, though. Apparently, there are Republicans in our fair state who are enamored of him.

For many in the crowd, the well-known Trump represents the Republicans' best chance at defeating Cuomo.

I'm too lazy to look through the internet and find any indication of how he polls with the hoi polloi like myself. Couldn't help myself. Not doing so well. Ironically, he reminds me of Andrew's father's famous rendition of Hamlet. Except, of course, while there may have been an element of self-promotion in Mario's dithering, Trump's is 100%.

I'm pretty sure the GOP of NY is not about to take advice from me, but I would politely tell The Donald to go away. Since that isn't likely to penetrate His Ego, I would ask to see financial statements proving He is actually a billionaire before His name will again be floated publicly again as a serious candidate for any office. Just a modest proposal.

Trump was greeted outside the restaurant by a couple of dozen opponents of the law, including Tommy Thompson, of Attica, who wore a Revolutionary War-style tri-cornered hat.

"I'd vote for Goofy if he ran against Cuomo," Thompson said.

Yes Tommy, you would. But will a more independent voter? Donald, we want to see your birth certificate financial statements.That's all you gotta ask him and he'll go away. Or maybe make him say his name backwards.  


RobertW said...

I'll grant you, Donald is goofy. But even with that, he is closer to the "citizen politician" that the founders had in mind. People with experience in the real world and real business experience. As opposed to Coumo who has never had a real job nor produced anything of value, but instead has just feasted off the taxpayers his entire professional life. I'd vote for him if I lived in NYS. At least he'd be attracting business rather than driving them away.

Kevin Robbins said...

It's kind of a moot point anyway, since Trump will always find a reason to not run. I'm not totally in love with Cuomo, but he's provided more public service than the Donald. And if some of it was self-serving then certainly not as much. Astorino is a better choice. I look forward to hearing his views.

RobertW said...

What public service has Cuomo provided? I'd say Trump has provided far more value to the public. But you are right, he will never run.