Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blowing Off the Dust and Adding A Familiar Name to the Masthead (Familiar to me, anyway... How familiar you get with the guy is between you and him.)

Welcome to Kevin, my long-time no-good nihilist brother-in-arms.

Maybe one of us will actually post something here every now and again... 8>)
Stay tuned to find out.


Kevin Robbins said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, James. Getting a laid-back vibe over here. I will definitely try to put a post up sometime betwixt now and the end of the year. Maybe two. I have added that to my growing list of resolutions.

Gotta say it feels good to have renounced that whole nihilist life. It was just a youthful indiscretion and besides, "I never inhaled." As for the resolutions I've already screwed the pooch on, there's always Chinese New Year at the end of the month.

Be well and be nice to your fellow creatures on the big blue orb.

Brendan Keefe said...

Good to see the blog come back alive.

And now with more content providers!!!, as They say.

W James Casper said...

Thank you muchly, sir. In this season of starting / breaking habits, we hope to do a little of both, and make our posts worthwhile (however frequent they turn out to be--or not to be.)

[Perhaps that is the real question.]

Brendan Keefe said...

Well ... if you want a little unsolicited advice from a low-traffic blogger who always waxes and wanes -- in frequency and quality -- here it is: When you're trying to get going again, trying to knock the rust off the wheels, prefer frequency over quality.

Part of writing, in any medium, is dealing with the gullies of uninspiration and the climbing back out there of. Often, and not just for me, but for many writers much finer than me, the trick is to get all the muscles going again. Not metaphorically, but literally. Whether it's picking up pen and paper or dealing with the minor roadblocks that are logging into Blogger and having to click too many buttons before being able to type, there is a lot of fine muscle motor memory that is another thing squeaking in resistance. You get those fingers going, and the fingers-to-brain connections start coughing, then humming, and then it's suddenly easier to think of worthwhile things to write about.

A second reason for preferring frequency to quality, at the outset, is that you never know what idle thought or minor joke will stir up the comment section. And believe me, as a decidedly low-traffic blogger, I know how just a tiny spasm of audience response can be a real warm push in the back.

Please pardon my wordiness. It grows increasingly obvious to me, too, that here I'm partly trying to autohypnotize.

Joe "Truth 101" Kelly said...

You know I love you like a brother Reppy but damn you have a lot of blogs.

Maybe think about hiding AN though and ignoring the idiot who's name shall not be mentioned. That would truly piss him off and victory would be ours.

W James Casper said...

Thank you for the advice, Brendan... Everything you say is true.
(You can see how well I've taken your advice so far 8>) -- While I did read the comments in real time, almost, I intentionally took the weekend (mostly) away from the internet to be with my bride. Perhaps now that the week is upon us, maybe?)

W James Casper said...

All true, Joe. At one point I thought it'd be a good idea to divide stuff up, and I created several blogs with the intent of doing just that. ...and then I didn't much do that. And now, for various reasons--mostly that I like the names, and don't want to lose them--I don't want to kill 'em off, even though I don't use them much.

Maybe I'll take your advice and put all of the non-active blogs behind the wall until I have a use for them or find a reason to kill 'em off entirely.
(I'd make a shitty Buddhist... I have trouble letting go... The concept of "ephemera" doesn't exist in my life. Everything is important and imbued with meaning.)

Kevin Robbins said...

Thank you for the advice Brendan. You have one of my favorite blogs. I don't get on-line much, as evidenced from my last comment being on Thursday. I live on borrowed internet. I'm a cheap, easily addicted Luddite. Saves money and limits my time surfing. Not sure if it's a 20th or 19th century lifestyle.

Will try to throw a post up now and then. Be well, y'all!