Saturday, February 11, 2012

Disgraced Conservative Blogger Andrew Breitbart Loses Control - Campus Progress

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Blogger Andrew Breitbart to Occupiers: ‘Stop Raping People!’ - Campus Progress:
Disgraced "Conservative blogger-star Andrew Breitbart lashed out at Occupy protesters outside of CPAC, the mass annual gathering of conservatives, in Washington, DC on Friday night. Campus Progress reporter Emily Crockett was on the scene and captured video of Breitbart losing it, screaming at the protesters 'Behave yourselves!' and 'Stop raping people!'"

Follow the link to read the rest of her account.

I don't know about you, but all this video shows me is some nut lurking behind a bush who comes out screaming insanely at a bunch of kids and daring them to take a swing at his protruding chin, until he's dragged away by the police, still screaming wildly and hoping to provoke somethin'. (And right there at the end, his body posture almost looks like he's been placed in a straight jacket, adding to the overall "crazy man" effect.)

I'm sure this video makes him a hero to the CPACers inside, but out here in the real world, disgraced conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart just comes off like he's lost control of his faculties...

YMMV, but I think the crazy old boy ought to... what's the phrase?... "beHAAAAAVE himself," in future... (and stop raping the truth, while he's at it.)

And if you want to see something REALLY SCARY, click here. INSANE.

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(I'd h/t, but I can't recall who I follow that RT: @emilycrockett's tweet, last night...)

A second view, and more inane ramblings to conspiracy site WorldNetDaily, once he was successfully dragged away, still screaming...

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W James Casper said...

Sad--and yet somehow fitting--that this video of an unhinged, obnoxious, and possibly drunken rant is how many will remember the man... (If he did anything newsworthy after this bit of theatre, I don't remember it... For me, this was his final act; he was the fat lady, and this was his sweet swan song.)