Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Using the Word "Gay" as Pejorative? TISWWT!!

"And I didn't know this about "Homosapien," from Wikipedia, "It was banned by the BBC for explicit reference to gay sex, e.g. the words "homo superior / in my interior." Banned songs? Not so good. Besides, I just liked the beat, LOL!

James B. Webb's no doubt hip to it. He's got the knowledge. NTTAWWT!!"
- American Power: The Buzzcocks, The Damned to Play the O.C.'s 'MusInk' Festival

Donald: Calling or intimating that a man is "gay" in an effort to insult him does little more that show you to be insensitive at best, and more likely, a straight up bigot. And contrary to what you seem to believe, given the frequency with which you make these gay/sissy/??? references about those with whom you disagree, There Is Something Wrong With That!!

And why, you may ask, is James B. Webb "gay," according to Donald Douglas? For those who weren't there or don't remember, here is Donald's "guilt by association, by association" meme:
James Webb's blog contains a link to the homepage of The Out Campaign, a site whose mission it is to increase atheist visibility, on which there is a link to their blogroll, a list containing 1290 blogs. Number fifty-two on the list is Alexander The Gay's blog, and is thus according to Donald's theory, JBW's gay lover, and the illegitimate stepson of everyone on JBW'S blogroll... ...or something. (link to an earlier rendition of the same old story.)

Dr. Douglas, just so you know, TSWW guilt by association, too!!

Consider treating people with more respect, and perhaps being more intellectually honest, as well. Don't forget that American Power and Brain Rage' are listed together on MY blogroll... you may want to be sure that none of "teh gay" from Alex's site on the blogroll of the Out website listed on James' site, which is in turn listed on my blogroll somewhere near your site, got on ya... I mean, who'd want THAT?

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