Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dept. of It Takes One To Know One

Wingnut Liz Blaine, at Horowitz's NewsReal blog, hatefully attacks liberals for mourning the Death of Howard Zinn, and then whines about the assholes on the left who did the same to the mourners of Tony Snow.

Leftist Heads Explode Over Howard Zinn’s Death | NewsReal Blog:
Leftist Heads Explode Over Howard Zinn’s Death
2010 JANUARY 28
tags: Howard Zinn, Leftists, News, Progressives
by Liz Blaine

The hatefulness of the Left knows no bounds when a conservative passes away, but when one of their own dies the hallowed halls of heaven are awaiting their savior as they glorify the beloved path he walked. And woe to him who dares question the idol of their worship. Bits of gray matter are clinging to the shards of leftist skulls as they bemoan the passing of Howard Zinn, the Marxist anarchist known for his revisionist history.

Progressive fans are flocking to twitter and leftist media lamenting Zinn’s demise.

“This world has certainly lost one of it’s most profound voices today.”

“Howard Zinn’s passing is the greatest loss to America since Karl Marx.”

“The world is darker without Howard and his voice, now silent, will be missed by all ‘true’ Americans.”

Some tweeters suffer delusions President Obama should have used the State of the Union address as a platform to recognize Zinn, while over at the Nation leftist drivel is spewing like lava from Mount Kilauea as progressives lay blame for his death,

“Howard’s heart gave out after ‘our’ Supreme Court said Corporations were ‘people’ who, therefore, must be included in his ‘People’s History’ Books!"

Throw in a few voices of dissent and an eruption of expletive-enriched emotions splatter across the net.

“Why don’t you shut the f*** up, you ten cent creep? Have you no f***ing class whatsoever? Who the h*** do you think you are, anyway? You’re no thinker. You’re no contributor. You’re just some random creepy a**hole lurking on a web site.”

I don’t know about you, but I love watching progressive heads blasting sky high, so sit back and enjoy the show. Brain matter will be flying as they spasm over the loss of ”the true father of victimology.”


Point? She's proving she's as hateful, heartless, and tiny a person as the people she's complaining about, and she knows it... No other explanation is possible.

Free clue, Liz. If it's wrong, it's wrong. Idiots like you, who bitch about how hateful it was when someone else did it, AND THEN DO A VERY SIMILAR THING,THEMSELVES, obviously think the rules they set for others don't apply to them.

Which in this case, doesn't surprise me. David Horowitz seems to gather hypocrites the way flies gather on shit.

Hateful is hateful, no matter which side of the aisle it comes from. But I believe the heartless reap what they sow...

And as an aside... What is it with these Horowitz folks that almost all (& generally ALL) of their links go to other pages in their own Horowitz universe? "I can prove that all liberals are dumb, because I said so over on this page of the site, and my fellow blogger said the same thing in this post, here." Horowitz, et al are the most self-referential group of bloggers I've ever run into, which suggests to me that they're full of themselves, and that they're hard-pressed to find other people--including other wingnuts--who actually agree with 'em. This isn't the first time I've made this observation...

Twitter, too:
repsac3: : Heartless hypocrite wingnut @LizBlaine proves she's heartless hypocrite wingnut (Attack on Howard Zinn, RIP & mourners)

Liz Blaine: @repsac3 "Heartless hypocrite wingnut" - Oh, dude. That is so lame. Don't you have anything better? #badtroll

repsac3: : @LizBlaine: @repsac3 'Heartless hypocrite wingnut' /Don't you have anything better?/ No, that pretty much says it. Want different, act human

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 All I did was report the facts as they are printed. If you don't like the quotes, go tell your prog friends at the Nation.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine No, what you did was the same thing you bitched about libs doing to TSnow. Kicking folks mourning is just evil left AND right.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine If you want to speak ill of the dead, you can. But complaining about folks speaking ill of the dead in the post where you do it?

repsac3: : @LizBlaine That makes you a heartless hypocrite (to me, anyway... I see you have fans who think otherwise, which doesn't say much 4 them.)

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 I didn't speak ill of the dead. I called him a 'Marxist anarchist known for his revisionist history.' Show me differently.

No Liz, that's what you did... along with enjoying it, and getting all giddy over the fact that you were hurting others by doing so. (And of course, that's not speaking ill of the man... It's just the Horowitz clan's version of truth, right?)

Like I said, Liz, people like you reap what you sow.... Karma's a bitch.
UPDATES: (More Twitter, and a good guess as to why Liz didn't link to the Nation.)

TWITTER (continued):
repsac3: : @LizBlaine sez: Other people who speak ill of the dead are hateful; But when I do it, I'm just speaking truth. (Link to this post... WARNING: Please don't use it if you're a Con, or you'll be here all day following the same link...)

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 I didn't speak ill of the dead. The only vitriol posted is either quotes or comments from leftists. READ! It makes you intelligent.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine I read. I reacted. If you're happy about what you posted, it's all good. I stand by my impressions and posts on the subject.

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 You are unable to support your accusations w/any citation from my work, yet you stand by them? Emotional reactions don't count.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine Folks at the post have already disputed your "facts" about Zinn. It's namecalling, & little more.

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 LMAO. Those idiots can't tell the author apart from the commenters. YOU LIE! (Interesting comment, given what I find later about some of her "liberal" quotes.)

repsac3: : @LizBlaine And if you don't think the timing/content of your post is heartless, I can't make you see it. You're gleeful over a dead Lib.

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 I only reported what you leftists posted. Get over it or tell your buddies at the Nation to STFU if they don't want to be quoted.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine The only quotes I'm interested in are yours, Liz. The progs you quoted (but didn't link, oddly) weren't being disrespectful...

Liz must've deleted this next one (Big surprise, considering SHE LIED!)
@repsac3 I linked them. Check the link for the Nation, it directs to the post there.
about 1 hour ago from web in reply to repsac3

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 And the last quote was most assuredly being disrespectful. There are others of similar nature in the comments at the Nation.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine I really shouldn't have to explain this, but I meant disrespectful to the dead guy & to those who mourn him.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine And no, the Nation link goes to David's Discoverthenetworks page for the mag. No such quotes there.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine Found the page myself, and see why you didn't link it. The 'Marx' quote was posted by a Con troll, and the f*** quote was to him

Liz Blaine: : @repsac3 Re-read. Marx is cited throughout the comments. LMAO. You're REALLY trying though. Good night.

repsac3: : @LizBlaine Perhaps, Liz, but the one you chose was posted by a conservative troll. (Kinda hateful, if you ask me...)


From; Goodbye Howard Zinn (Can't link to individual comments, but I offer names & dates/times. If you follow the link and read them there, the context--& particularly, who "pontificus" really is (a conservative troll)--becomes very obvious.)
Howard Zinn's passing is the greatest loss to America since Karl Marx.
Posted by pontificus at 01/27/2010 @ 6:24pm

Howard's heart gave out after "our" Supreme Court said Corporations were "people" who, therefore, must be included in his "People's History" Books!
Exxon/Mobil is *not* Howard Zinn !!!

Posted by wa3zgt at 01/27/2010 @ 6:56pm

Posted by pontificus at 01/27/2010 @ 6:24pm | ignore this person | warn this person

Why don't you shut the fuck up, you ten cent creep? Have you no fucking class whatsoever? Who the hell do you think you are, anyway? You're no thinker. You're no contributor. Your'e just some random creepy asshole lurking on a web site insulting the magazine, its authors, most of its readers, and what we generally believe in.

Posted by syfriendly at 01/27/2010 @ 8:05pm

Crazy disrespectful liberals, right?

UPDATE: She's still going...

Hypocritical - "I wouldn't mind watching your brain explode..."<- That's a hateful comment. I think I upset him. LOL #tcot #ocra #sgp
(Apparently, it's only hateful to enjoy exploding brains when said to Liz by a "voice of dissent," and not when said by Liz, to folks mourning the death of a man with whom she disagreed politically.)

and sad - Did you catch my latest article? Have a good laugh at the Left's expense -> #tcot #ocra #teaparty #tlot
(Like I said, this poor woman takes pleasure in mocking folks posting eulogies about a guy who died, simply because she disagrees with them. If that isn't heartless, I don't know what is...)

And more of that wingnut "class" that Donald Douglas and his fellow reactionaries are always talking about (""Yeah, yeah. I know. Both sides do it, right?" Right, Donald. Both sides do it. And ALL who do it are hateful assholes.):
JammieWearingFool: Marxist Crank Assumes Room Temperature: Chomsky, Affleck Hardest Hit