Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Obama As Hitler": Anybody But Conservatives, apparently...

TheBlogProf sez the poster was a Democrat/Union Plant (memeorandum). Rightwing media site Newsbusters assigns the posters to Communist and perpetual Presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche (memeorandum). It seems the only people they won't blame is themselves. And the only thing they won't do is take responsibility for the real nuts in their midst.

I mean, sure, the LaRouche people are distributing that poster on their website. From what I've read, they've been doing so for several months now. But the site and the download are open to anyone, to copy or otherwise use and abuse as they see fit. And the person holding this sign was protesting with the folks on the right, against the health care bill. (Which is kind of odd, for a commie to not be in favor of "socialist" health care reforms, where the government is in control of every aspect of the lives of it's citizens, right?)

The "plant" meme is even more ridiculous, and even less believable. One Freeper claims that the guy in the picture was handing out Dingell (D-Mich.) leaflets after the town hall. That's the sum total of the "proof." No photo, no unbiased account. Just one biased Obama/Dem hater making a specious claim (& (the beginnings of) the wingnut echo chamber spreading it like pollen).

I believe that many folks against the health care bill would not stoop this low themselves. I even believe that many are acting in good faith. But there are rude, dishonest, racist nutjobs in their midst. And the good people should do what they can to disassociate themselves from these folks. While I'm certain that most baggers wouldn't carry such a sign, there's no report anywhere of anyone who was there disavowing this guy and/or his sign before it became a news story. Like it or not this guy (as well as the baby mama who gave her kid the swastika sign to hold, and the one with the SS sign, and...) are pissing in your pool, and fouling your tea.

Take some responsibility, and do something about it. Pointing fingers outward and going into ABC mode isn't going to cut it.


Anonymous said...

I just don't understand why people have to go to such extremes. I don't like Obama but it annoys and disgusts me when people go around comparing him to Hitler. He was a madman that killed people in the most horrendous ways. To make that comparison goes beyond politics. It's just plain wrong. The problem is that we can't control what others do. Speak out against it, yes, but that's about as much you can do without confronting someone and I don't suggest that.

What that does is take the credibility away from the everyday citizens that are just trying to fight for what they believe is right.

You make a good point about denouncing their actions but in reality it is never going to happen. Regardless of whether its liberals or conservatives, they never take responsibility for what the nutjobs in their own party do. The news media is the same way.

I find it's the moderates that aren't driven by party lines that can see the good and bad of all the activities and issues. I wish it was different but that is just what I see.

Jack said...

Hitler was a better orator.

repsac3 said...

Since I don't speak german, I haven't a clue whether I agree with your opinion, but I do know this... There are a whole lotta conservatives (& some libs, too) who'd prolly roast you on a spit if they could for saying something "nice" about Hitler, Jack.

(I'm also kinda curious about the point of making this only-barely-relevant comment, especially given how old the post is, but W&M is always open to folks wishing to express themselves--provided they're at least the slightest bit on topic, and not trying to sell weight loss or erection pills, or something.)

Jack said...

There was a period of dead air on W&M, and when their are no new blogs people tend not to frequent the site as much. That's why there was a delay in posting.

As far as "conservatives and some libs" roasting me; I could care less. I do not condone Hitler's ideologies one bit. But, none-the-less, Hitler and Nazi Germany is part of the history from the 20th Century. Good or bad; all history needs to be studied with an objective point of view. Unfortunately, an objective point of view, usually succumbs to a subjective point of view, and the lessons that history are suppose to teach fall on deaf ears. I understand that at the mere mention of "Hitler", some people will go on the offensive and will not be open to an objective view of history. This is not good.

Jack said...

P.S. Where have you been? You've been slacking. There have been a lot of juicy topics floating around; Lockerbie bomber possible trade, Pres. Obama speech to school kids, the on going Prop 8 debate, What did Cheny say this week controversy?, all this great stuff and repsac is no where to be found. OH and how could i forget, healthcare and all the controversies surrounding that issue.

DeadElephant.ORG said...

Hitler was the ultimate Town-Hall Hooligan!

Jack said...

Well, whatever President Obama is doing is working, because it made the folks in Oslo moist.