Friday, February 6, 2009

Born Again American

Watch the video. If it moves you, go to the site. If you agree with the message, get involved. There's been enough negativity and tearing down. It's time we build ourselves, each other, and our country up.

"Born Again American is committed to the rebirth and re-expression of citizenship through informed and thoughtful activism. It is an initiative of Declare Yourself, a national non-partisan, non-profit (501(c)3) organization dedicated to increasing young voter participation and civic involvement. Declare Yourself’s on-line voter registration tool has been used by almost four million people since 2004. Declare Yourself grew out of the 2003’s Declaration of Independence Road Trip that toured an original 1776 copy of the Declaration to schools, town halls, and other locations all over the country." - Born Again American

h/t to my friend Barrie, a "coo-coo for Christ" crazy christian (& Sarah Palin supporting) lover of America, for letting me know about this. (If she has a public blog or website, I don't know about it... But if she does and wants some traffic, I'll gladly post it here.)

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