Sunday, May 25, 2008

NeoCon Truth (& love for one's fellow man)

The topic? This picture: code_pink_murder.jpg

The Comment: I don't care if the picture was photoshopped ... I believe that Code Pink wants out troops dead, which is why they "support the resistance" in Iraq, nihilist raghead fighters who are murdering Americans.

For some neocons, whether or not the picture or words actually reference objective truth is beside the point. Whether fact or fiction, some things just "feel right." Who cares that the image was photoshopped, and no one from Code Pink ever said or wrote those words... To Don, it's right to post such a picture and demand that folks repudiate Code Pink based on it because he believes that that organization wants American soldiers to die, regardless of what they actually say or do. Some might call this postmodern thinking, but I just call it propaganda...

1) Build the straw man. 2) Knock it down. 3) Claim victory. 4) Repeat as needed, even if only to stroke your own ego.

For more on the same subject (& same neocon) see: Wingnuts & Moonbats: Burkean Truth

But wait, there's more...

P.S. "Ragheads" is from W.E.B. Griffin, and perfectly legitmate for everyday use:

Barnes & - Books: By Order of the President (Presidential Agent Series #1), by W. E. B. Griffin, Mass Market Paperback, Reprint

The day one looks to works of fiction to determine what is & isn't appropriate, legitimate language for polite, civil society is the day I stop talkin' altogether. (though I believe it is the persons doing so who might wish to rethink letting words fall from their lips, lest people actually hear them, and judge accordingly...)

I suggested that this particular neocon avoid perusing Huck Finn before going to his job as a Long Beach City College instructor, lest he get any more bright ideas about the legitimate everyday use of any other words commonly found in literature...

"How could my black students be offended? Mark Twain uses the same word..."


JD said...

Speaking as a United States Marine who served two deployments to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, I support Code Pink in their efforts to end Bush's illegal, immoral, and unjustified occupation of Iraq. Semper Fidelis.

repsac3 said...

I'm good with why they do it, but I do have some issues with some of their methods. Disrupting House & Senate hearings by chanting slogans is inappropriate. A simple sea of pink in the hearing room conveys the same message without the disruption.

Yelling in the streets is fine, but some places deserve proper decorum & reverence...

My beef here was more about those on the other side for whom little things like facts are insignificant. For them, lying & propaganda is acceptable, because it serves the greater good, of trying to keep this country believing in the same tired neocon bullshit we've been eating for years.

I think they know it's a losing battle, and some of 'em are starting to get desperate.

BB-Idaho said...

.."some of em' are starting to get desperate"..
I'll say. Ted Sampley of Swiftboat fame, has turned his sights on YIKES! McCain..
..they are eating their own. :)